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Member Updates

  • Foot Fetish

    Slave To My Wolfords Part 2

    My little hose sniffer took my crop like a good boi so I allowed it what it craves the most - some time
  • Pantyhose Domination

    Slave To My Wolfords Part 1

    Without question, Wolfords are my favorite pantyhose to slide on my legs so they can slide into a pair of very high heels.
  • Strap-on Mistress

    Strap On Therapy

    Such a lucky little trollop. It gets to lie there waiting to get fucked while it dreams about licking my boots. It won't
  • Human Furniture

    Toe Licking Coat Rack

    A bitch has to have some use in my world or there's no reason to keep it around. This one gets to do
  • High Heel Domination

    Spike Heel Fuck Slut

    Stripped, humbled, exposed and holed up... just where any good heel whore should be! I don't need its face hole at the moment.
  • Nail fetish

    Deeper Nail Whore

    I just got my long shiny red nails perfectly manicured at the salon. It's the perfect time to make my nail whore crawl
  • BDSM Milking

    Feeding Time Cowboi

    Licking the floor I walk on must make even the most eager slave work up an appetite, although whatever it licks up off