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Member Updates

  • Boot Worship

    Shiny New Boots

    Only very lucky boot-worms stand any chance of getting anywhere near my favorite boots, and I just added another pair to my collection.
  • Shoe Fetish

    My Heels Part 2

    *Website Exclusive Video!* See part one below to start. In this video I show you some more of my favorite high heel shoes
  • Corporal Punishment

    Dirty Boi Gets Punished

    I swear, re-training the male never seems to stop. I thought this slut knew better than to crawl into my space with a
  • Foot Fetish

    Good Little Foot Licker

    After some hours in my favorite pair of heel-less leather metal spiked sandals, my feet deserve a good licking. So nice to have
  • Fingernail Fetish

    Nail Trained

    I'm in love with my new nude nails, especially the way the crystal covered accent nail gleams gorgeously in the light. It's only
  • Shoe Fetish

    My Heels Part 1

    *Website Exclusive Video!* If you know anything about me, you know that I am a true high heel fetishist. I simply love the
  • Fingernail Fetish

    Nude Nail Slave

    Having complete control over a fully grown man is quite satisfying. Taking that control using a mere long nude nail at the end