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  • kissmybootswhippingboi_wmv

    Kiss My Boots Whippingboi

    If this slithering slug has any hope of getting it's filthy lips on my boot leather, it's going to suffer as much of
  • Human Punching Bag

    My Pet Punching Bag

    This thing isn't of much use for anything else at the moment so I decided it might make a good punching bag for
  • Boot Domination

    Boot Owned Sole Licker

    How does it feel to be owned by an inanimate object? Your place so far down the food chain that my thigh high
  • sowhinywhenicaneit_wmv

    So Whiny When I Cane It

    That ass I own hadn't taken a good beating in a while and it was looking rather drab. Nothing like the cane to
  • stopcomplainingandlickmyheels_wmv

    Stop Complaining And Lick My Heels

    It's nice to relax at home with my shoe slug under heel and completely exposed to my flogger. The lucky little slut gets
  • TEst

  • Leather Mistress

    Leather Glove Cum Slut

    I love dressing in full black leather, especially very high heeled leather boots and leather gloves. I love how dressing in full black