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Member Updates

  • Pantyhose Fetish

    Rubber Sole Mop

    That wet fleshy rag I allow it to keep in its cock hole stopped being a tongue years ago. It's now nothing more
  • Pantyhose Fucking

    Pantyhose Fucking Ashtray

    Always nice to cap off the evening with a cigarette and a little entertainment. Why else would I allow a lowly male worm
  • Whipping

    Whip Teased

    This whore thought it was going to spend its evening on its knees lapping at my boot soles and sucking the dirt from
  • Mistress Strap on

    Chained To The Floor And Fucked

    Naked, hooded, cuffed, collared and chained to floor. Left there for hours while I get ready to play. It's a dream come true
  • Nail Fetish

    Back Scratched

    My long red nails are always very sharp just after they're perfected at the salon. It's the best time to use them to
  • Boot Humiliation

    Stroke It With My Spit

    I don't even remember the last time I let this slave stroke its little dick. It may have been last year sometime. Who
  • Smoking Fetish

    Stocking Ciggie Piggy

    It's so nice to return home from an evening out and have my piggy pet all caged up waiting to be useful. I