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Member Updates

  • Boot Worship

    Good Boot Boi

    A good boot boi is patient, never talks back to its Owner, does whatever it's told to do, accepts and embraces its proper
  • Dildo Fucking

    Punished Ass

    I do enjoy using a helpless specimen for my entertainment, especially a whore like this bitch! Like it would even dream about being
  • Slave Punishment

    My New Whip

    Such a lucky little slut being allowed to buy a beautiful new hand crafted single tail snake whip for me! I swear I
  • High Heel Worship

    Cum For My Heels

    A shoe-boi has to be very, very good to get my permission to even look at these gorgeous super strappy Louboutin limited production
  • Objectification

    Floor Licker

    The soles of my heels should never have to touch a dirty floor. I guess this slut was too busy thinking about licking
  • Fingernail Fetish

    Nail Denial

    Slaves that can't keep their mitts off of my property between their legs get locked up in chastity. Slaves that can't keep their
  • Human Puppy

    Thirsty Puppy

    My puppy is going to get a special treat tonight, but first it's going to amuse me by fetching my dildo. I can't