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Member Updates

  • Human Ashtray

    Burning My Ashtray

    A filthy pig like this isn't good for much more than eating my ash, cigarette butts and whatever else I decide to shove
  • Heel Worship

    Can't See Just Lick

    It only requires it's heel rag of a tongue to clean my footwear so why should it see anything? If it misses a
  • FemDom Strap On

    Piggy Slut Gets Fucked

    This porky boi is such a pig slut I decided to make it official with a rubber pig nose and a collar that
  • Slave Punished

    Slug Whipped

    I guess this thing stuck to my floor was taking a nap instead of licking my carpet clean as I clearly instructed it
  • Stocking Fetish

    Fully Fashioned Cum Licker

    My human stocking scrubber is so anxious to get that mop of a tongue all over my gorgeous leopard Loubie pumps and FF
  • FemDom Strap On

    Suck And Gag Bitch

    This little piglet obviously has never gotten a blow-job since it doesn't seem to know how to give one very well. Not to
  • Spitting

    My Ash Hole

    There is no other place this thing would rather be; no other place it belongs really. I knew it the second it crawled