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  • Mistress Whip

    Hooked & Whipped

    I felt like relaxing with a little target practice so I wrapped my little fleshy slut to the cross for the evening. I
  • Mistress Boots

    Wedge Bootie Bitch Boi

    I just love shoes with spikes. It's so fun digging them into the flesh of my boi-toys. Makes kicking their balls much more
  • Caning BDSM

    Beaten Sole Licker

    I think my little human shoe buff is starting to neglect it's duties for two reasons. 1 - It's starting to crave my
  • Ruined Orgasm

    It Only Gets To Dribble

    Well, it's that time of month again. Time to milk my cock that's attached to my little fishnetted high heeled boi-slut. Look at
  • Pantyhose Domination

    Pantyhose Sole Slut

    I just love to encase my legs in super slippery sheer shiny pantyhose. This black ultra glossy pair is simply divine when paired
  • Shoe Worship

    Whipped Toe Licker

    Just look at how gorgeous these platform Zanotti sandals are. One of my most favorite pairs. So high arched and they expose so
  • Smoke Fetish

    Suck My Secondhand Smoke

    Sure, there aren't any ashes for it lick up, but I still love to spit in my ashtray and blow smoke in its