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Member Updates

  • CBT

    Tormenting My Toy

    Masked, restrained, exposed, corsetted and available to endure my every sadistic whim. It's just where I like to keep my toys. A good
  • Latex FemDom

    Bitch On A Bed

    **Website Exclusive Video** Playing with my slut-toy wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I didn't get to dress up, and dress
  • FemDom Strap On

    Fuckhole's Training Day

    My little locking hole in the wall device is working out remarkably well. What better way to show a slut it's nothing more
  • Nail Domination

    Long Nails & Leather Gloves

    My nail bitch doesn't even need to see my long glossy red nails or arm length soft leather gloves. It can simply feel
  • Mistress High Heels

    High Heel Domination

    I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to slip my shiny smooth hosed feet into these GORGEOUS ten-inch heel four
  • Boot Worship

    The Boot Cleaner

    What better purpose can a grown man serve than to be nothing more than my boot cleaning appliance? And once I lock its
  • Nail Domination

    Red Nails

    I've got this slut so hooked on my glossy red nails it seems to spurt uncontrollably the moment I jam 2 or 3