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  • Bound To Whimper

    This bitch professes not to like nipple torment, but just look at that little thing between its legs twitch when I apply black
  • Slung, Poked and Prodded

    So nice having super long lustrous red sharp stiletto nails. They can elicit any reaction I want out of my property. All the
  • My New LV Pumps

    OMG! These LV "fetish" round toe retro high heeled pumps in pearlized white alligator embossed leather are simply breathtaking! They feel soooo good
  • Six Inch Pumper

    What does seeing me in a pair of classic black leather single sole true six inch high heels do to you? Aren't they
  • Fucking Hot Boots

    These boots aren't hot, they're fucking hot! I love getting new boots! They feel so good on my sheer black Wolford encased feet.
  • Nylons Fetish

    Starved For FFs

    I don't even remember when the last time I played with this bitch was. I do know, however, that it has not released
  • Shut Your Mouth And Eat My Butt

    That's funny, I've never owned an ashtray that talked before. So why is this fucking object at my heels flapping its gums? Because