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  • Leather Gloves

    Glove Slut Gets Bitch Slapped

    This thing always gets hot and drippy when it sniffs the scent of my leather. That's why I keep it locked up. I
  • Electro Torment

    Even More Electric Cock Therapy

    I finally made a breakthrough and got "my" cock to go soft after the eleventh needle went in. The poor little thing must
  • Needle Play

    More Electric Cock Therapy

    After a light supper and a few hours relaxing, I returned to find my little subject still fully erect and seemingly enjoying the
  • Electro Play

    Electric Cock Therapy

    Wake up, slut... Mistress wants to play with her cock! I'll keep it starved, thirsty and horny tightly tethered to the bed until
  • Boot Worship

    Cum Fuck My Boots

    The perfect way to kill a few moments of my day when I'm all dressed up in lots of luscious leather -- walk
  • Clothespins

    Clipped To Cum

    Silly slut! It thought I was going to stroke that cock that I own for its pleasure. Naw, bitch! The pleasure is all
  • BDSM Whips

    You Need To Wear My Marks

    A Lady's property should always be marked as such. I think single tail whip welts are the best method for imprinting my ownership