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  • Boot Worship

    Beg For A Lick Bitch

    Tied down, exposed, wet boot mop wagging out of its head -- just where any good boot slut belongs to start suffering for
  • Boot Worship

    Boot Bitch Gets To Lick

    Just look at my GORGEOUS hand made glossy black patent leather seven inch heel platform lace-up boots adorning my sheer shiny hose smothered
  • BDSM

    Beg For My Whip

    The way it yelps and cries out from within its leather hood I bet that super thin tip cracking against its bare flesh
  • Stocking Mistress

    Full Fashion Deep Throat

    Sometimes I just want to slip into a silky smooth pair of nude sheer seamed full fashion nylons and make my stockings slut
  • BDSM Caning

    Caned On My Rubber Bed

    I leave my little rubber slug alone for a minute and it's humping my latex bed when I return. I guess the click
  • Spitting Mistress

    Open For Spit

    My property must get so thirsty when left bound, hooded and goggled for extended periods of time. I'm not that cruel that I
  • Nail Mistress

    Scratched Slave

    My nails always look gorgeous when I return from the salon. So glossy red, shaped perfectly and very sharp at the edges -