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Member Updates

  • Corporal Punishment

    Learning To Crave Pain

    As part of my continuing education series I've decided to cane this slut some more so it will learn to equate its pain
  • Boot Licker

    Abusing My Boot Bitch

    Crawling around on a filthy floor tethered tightly to my leather leash drooling over my gorgeous knee high boots with six-inch heels and
  • Corporal Punishment

    Whipped Bitch

    I know it hurts, bitch... it's supposed to! If it didn't hurt so much I wouldn't get any pleasure. And it is all
  • Boot Worship

    Such A Boot Slut

    This bitch would stay in that cage forever if it thought I might give it just one little lick of my dirty boot
  • Slave Ashtray

    Eat Ash Lick Sole

    I've got my dirty piggy all wrapped up like a trash bag like the filthy little waste receptacle it was born to be.
  • Toilet Training

    Filthy Little Toilet

    I've been out all evening enjoying a lavish dinner while my filthy little toilet has been waiting patiently for my return right
  • FemDom Caning

    Caned For My Pleasure

    I prefer to take my time so I can thoroughly enjoy caning my slave. There's really no need to rush through. It's not