Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Shoe Fucker Cum Eater

    Watch my shoe bitch close up while it fucks my six inch stiletto heels and silky smooth fully fashioned nylons until it spurts its shoe goo on my foot. I would normally make it lap up every drop direct from my shoes, but this time I thought it might be fun to make it eat its own cum through the ring gag wedged between its teeth. I was right…. it was fun. For me, anyway.

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  • Beg To Cum On My Pumps

    I've finally conditioned my shoe slut so it can only get aroused by the sight, smell and taste of my high heel footwear. It can't even get hard anymore unless my shoes are around. Needless to say it doesn't think about regular sex, it only thinks about fucking my shoes and boots! This time I let it worship my new designer platforms for a little taste of the rich black leather and shiny red sole before I allowed it to fuck them like the little high heel bitch it's become. Then I decided to stroke “my” cock and make it beg to spray its shoe shine lotion all over my pumps. I made it lick up every last drop, of course… from my shoes and the floor!

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  • My Chauffeur Shoe Fucker

    One of the best things about being a lifestyle Domina is having personal servants ready to please my every whim. My chauffeur bitch drives where I tell it to go, opens the door for me, walks behind me, carries my bags/handbags, and kneels to kiss my heels whenever and wherever I tell it to. I instructed my slut to pick me up and drive me to the mall the other night and I brought my video camera along so you can get a taste of what service under my heels is like. You can look at my gorgeous designer pumps walking to the car, see my slave kneel in a public parking lot to worship my heels, and then lick and suck them while it's driving! I love making it kiss my shoes while it drives, so exciting! Finally I make it pull over so it can take out my cock to fuck my heels. When it launches its shoe shine cream all over the exquisite black leather I make it lick it all off before driving me to dinner.

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  • Heel Licker

    Lucky for my little shoe slut I happen to love wearing high end designer stiletto high heels. It's so much fun tormenting and controlling men with my footwear. I find it very empowering. Watch my shoe bitch moan and struggle to breath in the scent of Italian leather when my new Daffodil 6 plus inch platform heels step closer to its leather encased head. I use it like a shine rag and step on it's tongue with the tip of my heel. It's painful, I'm sure, but it says it feels so good to live under my red soles.

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  • My Human Shoe Valet

    Length: 5 minutes

    I adore reducing men to nothing more than objects for my use. There are so many uses for the male species — candlestick, drink holder, flower vase, foot rest. Too bad more of you bitches don't realize what you were really made for. I like to use this slut as my human shoe and boot brush. It's just a faceless thing I keep locked up to rest my feet on while I put on nylons and to clean the dirt off my footwear.

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  • Lick My Boots, Slut

    Length: 12 minutes

    This bitch is such a boot slut I love tormenting it with every pair I own. My custom made thigh high black leather platform boots with 12 inch heels drive it absolutely crazy. I left it chained and locked up in a cell for the day with strict instructions to think only about living under my boot heels. When I return, the little slut is pleading to lick the grime from my soles. Isn't this where you belong too? Thought so.

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