Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Stop Complaining And Lick My Heels

    Length: 9 minutes

    It’s nice to relax at home with my shoe slug under heel and completely exposed to my flogger. The lucky little slut gets to support my favorite pair of black leather platform Loubie Dafs. I swear, my pets are so spoiled sometimes! These heels are nice too because they leave nice deep marks in the flesh, just to make sure my human carpet doesn’t forget what it is. Flip it over and it becomes a human welcome mat, well its tongue anyway, as it’s always very eager to lick clean whatever has stuck to my sole while I was out. This takes care of feeding it as well. It doesn’t miss many meals!

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  • Fuck My Pumps Heelboi

    Length: 13 minutes

    I never go out wearing dirty pumps. Why should I? There’s so many heelbois out there just dying to lick them clean. It doesn’t matter what I may have stepped in, does it? You’ll get on your knees where you belong and beg me to lick the soles clean. For a proper overall cleaning I make this little bitch remove my pumps from my silky hosed feet so it can lick them all over, including inside. Smells so good in there, doesn’t it? Tonight I decided to take my shoebitch out with me. Um, no… not like that. I made it fuck my pumps and cream all over the insoles, and then I slipped my foot back inside the squishy fluid. That’s how it will be going out from now on. The rest of it can wait in my toilet until I get home!

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  • Cum On My Wolfords

    Length: 15 minutes

    I’ve got my little hose fucker locked up and salivating over the thought of my hosed feet compressed in the hot leather confines of my gorgeous peep toe platform heels all day. By the time I get to the dungeon, my feet are damp with sweat and ready to be sniffed and kissed. Look at how hard “my” dick gets when I allow it near my black sheer Wolford smothered legs. Is the heels or the hosiery, bitch? All of it, of course. I even gave the lucky piggy the honor of stroking it until it spills its pent up load all over my sheer pantyhose. It’s usually best to keep it celibate for at least a month before allowing it release. All the more for it to lick up!

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  • Human Rug Gets Stepped On

    Length: 9 minutes

    It must feel so good for a little piggie to be under my high heels, down on the floor where it belongs, suffering for its Owner while I mark up its bare flesh with my pointy stiletto heels. I know it hurts when I step on it, but it still thanks me for the privilege of being my human carpet. These shoes are a delight to wear as they are covered in sharp metal studs — perfect to kick or stuff in its crotch. This rug even licks them clean on demand! Such a delight to own human objects that can actually be useful.

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  • Slave To My Wolfords Part 1

    Length: 11 minutes

    Without question, Wolfords are my favorite pantyhose to slide on my legs so they can slide into a pair of very high heels. Like these absolutely stunning Casadei black shiny steel heeled platform pumps. I know this hose whore would do just about anything for a sniff and lick of my gorgeous Wolford Individual 10s, especially after wearing them all day. Well, it’s going to have to endure my crop if it ever hopes to get that sniffer or mouth mop anywhere near my heels and hose tonight. I might allow it a whiff of my insoles when that ass is marked and red, but not a moment sooner!

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  • Spike Heel Fuck Slut

    Length: 18 minutes

    Stripped, humbled, exposed and holed up… just where any good heel whore should be! I don’t need its face hole at the moment. My six-inch spiked patent pumps with steel heels want to use and abuse what’s mine. It must hurt so much when I press down on its bare back with those sharp stiletto heels. It can scream all it wants… nobody will hear its walled up head. Better to make it yelp by sticking my heels and spiked pointy toes in its fuck hole! It’s such a slut for my shoes… why shouldn’t they fuck it? And when they’ve had enough, I let it out to lick its mess from all that that glossy leather and sharp studs.

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  • Spike Heel Slave

    Length: 14 minutes

    These glorious beauties could be my favorite pair of designer heels, but it’s too hard to pick just one. I love the arch on these platform peeptoe pumps and the seven straps adorned with sharp metal spikes are simply divine. They are the perfect pair to wear out someplace elegant and to dig into show slave flesh when I return home. I know it hurts when those heels press down without mercy! I wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t hurt, slut! Anyway, all those red marks left behind by my gorgeous stilettos make me happy. And you do want to make me happy, don’t you? Good boi!

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  • Heel Hole

    Length: 10 minutes

    I don’t know what it is, but when I see one of my cocks I just have to abuse it! Of course, the slut it happens to be attached to should be grateful for whatever attention I give it. I just love to tie it up, smack, slap and leash it tight. What I love most of all, however, is sticking my metal stiletto heel deep down its shaft hole for a good shoe fuck. My heelslut should know by now its the only way it gets to cum, no matter how painful it might be. Once my heel has had its way with my little whore it’ll have to mop up its sticky mess with it’s mouth rag! It’s already begging to be let out of its cage for some more heel fucking! Such a filthy dirty shoe whore!

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  • Suffer Shoe Slug

    Length: 16 minutes

    One look at my gorgeous seven inch shiny black patent platform fetish pumps and it’s little wonder this shoe slut dedicates it entire life to licking the filth from my soles! When it doesn’t perform to my satisfaction I simply press down hard on its throat so it knows that my shoes have total control over it’s pathetic little existence. So much fun to toy with it that way. I was felling generous so I allowed it to sniff my FF nylons and taste them while I jammed my toes deep in it’s mop bucket of a mouth. Then I enjoyed myself trampling it so it really knows I control every breath it takes! It just begs for more like the slithering shoe slug it is.

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  • Digging In My Heels

    Length: 12 minutes

    Not only are these shiny gold strappy Zanotti sandals so very gorgeous, they’re the perfect instruments to torment my shoe slut with. But first, it’s going to lick every speck of dust off my pantyhosed soles before I use it as a rest to facilitate strapping my beautiful feet into these beautiful high heels. I’m sure it feels good to have some purpose in life. It would certainly be less than nothing if not under my soles, permanently. All those little chrome spikes that adorn my straps dig nicely into its fleshy front and back as do the ultra thin stiletto heels. It’s fun to bounce those spikes on “my” cock and balls! I love to see all the red marks they leave behind to serve as a reminder of who owns it while I go out and enjoy the evening. If it’s lucky I’ll allow it to lick the filth from my soles when I return.

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