Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Shoe Rack Slut

    It must be so fulfilling for you little bitch-bois to finally find a purpose in life. I can definitely say it works out nicely for me when you do as your purpose is always related to making my life easier or simply providing amusement much like a court jester entertaining the Queen. This slut finally found its place well beneath my stiletto heels living as a human shoe rack, shine boi and sole licker. Certainly my footwear is worth a lifetime of dedication and devotion, wouldn't you agree? After you watch this lucky little bitch get to lick the dirt from the soles of my Loubi Daffodils and worship my gorgeous gold studded 1969 Italia slingback platforms you will!

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  • Stiletto Tease

    There's so much power in a pair of 10 inch stiletto heel platform sandals I can only imagine how good it must feel for you little shoe sluts to be beneath them. I know it certainly feels so good to step on you when I'm wearing them. Keeps you in you're proper place just like the latex covered lusting little shoe licker in this video. And it's really about making me feel good anyway, right? That's why I keep it under lock and key so I can use my shiny silver stiletto heels to tease it into a desperate painful purple rage fighting to get out of its cage. Then I press the buzzing head of my vibrating wand tight against it's captured cock and make it lick my shoes until I think it's actually going to cum right through its chastity tube. I don't think so… I pull my shoes away, shut off my toy and zip it back into its rubber case. Who knows how long I'll keep it locked up and tease it like this with my fetish footwear. Well, I do… and it will be a very long time. It's just too much fun for me.

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  • Under Sole

    This is just another plaything I keep right where it belongs… at the end of my leash, on the floor and under my soles. The addition of a full zip up latex hood makes the experience much more enjoyable, at least for me. I know it loves to be there. I mean who wouldn't want to have their breath controlled by me and feel the sole of my designer platform heels step on their tongue and use it like a welcome mat? Perhaps you'd like to lick the silver back seam on my sheer nylons, or maybe you want to deep throat my silken foot until you gag? Don't forget to lick my toes while you're gasping for breath, bitch… it is all about my pleasure anyway, right? Right.

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  • Eat From My Sole, Bitch

    I really can't stand leaving my place with dirty shoes. It's just not proper, especially when those shoes are my beautiful six inch plus heel Louboutin Daffodil pumps covered in exquisite Italian black leather. There was no shortage of eager volunteers when I put out a vacancy announcement for a human shoe brush. “WANTED – shoe and boot slave. The successful candidate will be kept on lock and chain in the lady's foyer ready to brush away any dirt or dust that might appear on her footwear. Only servile bitch bois need apply. Meals provided” Of course it needs to eat to have some energy to brush my shoes so I usually bring it leftovers and make it eat from the floor and my sole.

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  • Stiletto Heel Fucker

    Now that I have my shoe bitch totally conditioned to only get aroused from hearing, seeing or smelling my high heel footwear, I've decided to train it further as my heel fucker. That means it will exist solely to take the full length of my stiletto heels down its little pee canal and stroke it up and down until it spurts its load of shoe shine cream all over my heels. This type of training takes time, of course, as you'll see in the video. It can gobble up a nice thick sound and fuck it, but I'm still working on getting my heels all the way in there. Heels are a little sharper than sounds so it will require some toughening of its pee canal before it can officially become my heel fucker. Once I'm finished, there will be a vacant shoe-slut position open. Do you want to apply to lick the dirt from one of my high heel shoe soles while my other heel gets fucked? Send me a new pair of GML platform heels and I'll think about it.

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  • High Heel Cock Squish

    I just can't get enough of my new designer platform pumps with six plus inch heels. The way they feel on my nylon encased feet is something almost indescribable. My little shoe slut loves them almost as much as I do. Its little shoe shine stick gets rock hard when my red soles walk closer to it, and even harder when I press the stiletto heel right down on its dripping engorged head. This is simply my beautiful footwear doing what it's made to do – squishing little slave sluts beneath the exquisite soles. Do you want to live under my heels?

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