Rub It Raw Shoe Humper

Some lucky little bitch was given permission to buy these gorgeous Zanotti black leather thick strap silver buckle stiletto high heel sandals for me. I love it when they beg to please me. I also love getting new shoes. Aren't they simply stunning? My pantyhosed feet feel so good sliding into that high arch wrapped in leather straps. I can smell the Italian leather when I do. It's been… oh… maybe three months since I allowed my filthy piggy heel whore to release, so I thought getting new heels was a good opportunity to amuse myself and humiliate it at the same time. So funny how the only sex it will ever get for the rest of its life is fucking my shoes! That's all it craves really anyway. I don't want any lube on my new heels so it'll have to fuck them dry until I allow it to pump that shoe goo all over the slick leather soles. Lick it all up, heel whore, and leave them shiny for your Mistress!