Suffer For My Leather


Dressing up in full black leather fitted snugly all over my body is exhilarating! It's not just the feel, the scent, the soft shine or the way it warms up against my skin… it's the way all that leather puts little slut-bois right down on their knees where they belong. Then they beg me to allow them the pleasure of worshiping my leather clad form. The lucky ones might get to lick the dirt from my leather knee high boot soles. The real lucky ones, like this leather slut, might get to worship only after they endure my torments and suffer for MY pleasure, because that's what this is all about… at least in my world. My restrained toy gets smothered, trampled, pinched, spit on and slapped before I'll even consider granting it permission to put that tongue on my gorgeous stretch leather leggings. Privileges are earned, not taken for granted, slave!