Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Worship My Boots

    I can't imagine anything better than having my bitch-boi at the end of my leash eagerly licking every inch of my thigh high black leather platform boots with 12 inch heels. OK, well… maybe putting my sole on the back of its head and pressing its face firmly to the floor beneath my heel is a little better, but not by much. I love the way its slave tongue, oh excuse me… its boot rag… feels through the leather outer and warm silky nylon encasing my legs as it licks from the very bottom to the very top of my boots.

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  • Spit Shine

    There's nothing like a good spit shine to make my boot leather glisten. I enjoy them best when I spit on my boots and my bitch has to lick it all up with the shoe-rag it keeps in its mouth. I'm not allowing it to refer to that thing as a tongue anymore… it's a boot buff, heel duster or shoe rag, depending on what type of footwear its lapping clean on any particular day. There's no need for me to ever have dirty shoes when I have so many little bitches prostrate on the floor at my heels begging me to allow them to dedicate their entire existence to caring for my ever expanding collection. There's always more to be licked, sluts.

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  • Spike Heels

    Length: 5 minutes

    Can you even imagine what it might be like to slither under my new glossy black patent leather platform heels and lick the dirt from my soles? Look at all those sharp pointy metal spikes, the 7 inch stiletto heels, and covered platform. My lucky little shoe bitch was allowed to look at them from the only place it truly belongs… locked in my “shoe box” with its nylon hooded face literally under my high heels. Like the good shine slut it has become it licks the bottoms clean before being rewarded with the scent and taste of my damp nylon foot. You know this is where you belong too, don't you?

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  • Shine-boi

    How do I like my high heel shoes shined? Well, I like it best when my little shoe bois get on their knees, make their buffer rods hard, and spurt a nice sized helping of polish on my leather uppers. Once they lick it all off, my shoes are left shiny and new! Inevitably, some of that shine will get on my nylons (they can hardly control much of anything when near my footwear) so I simply make them suck it all out of the sheer clingy fabric. Such lucky shine-bois I own, don't you agree?

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  • Sole Licker

    There's absolutely no reason I should be walking around with dirty soles. Not with so many of you eager little sole lapping dirt munching shoe sluts out there. This lucky bitch gets to offer its tongue for me to wipe my Louboutin Daffodil pump bottoms on like it's a human wiggly welcome mat. All that filth is the best thing it's ever eaten. I wonder what the slut thinks tastes better — the scum from the ladies room floor at Saks or the grime from the sidewalk on Second Avenue. Who cares, really… I just want my soles licked clean.

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  • Slave Driver Part 2

    I love to be chauffeured around town… it's even better when a collared slut-boi is at the wheel following my every direction. Luckily I keep a collar and leash in my purse for just such occasions. I can't have my pet forgetting that it's nothing more than my owned property after all. I also can't have dirty boot soles mucking up my floor mats so it laps the dirt from my heels whenever and wherever I tell it to. Even in the car!

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  • Lucky Little Bootlicker

    What do you think of my new Italian knee high leather boots, slut? Maybe you'd like to sniff the scent of all that supple leather, run your tongue up and down the long gold tone zipper, kiss every inch of the glossy red soles… or perhaps you'd like to feel me press the sharp tip of those sleek six inch heel hard into your skull so you don't forget your proper place beneath my boot heels. The correct reply is, of course: “Whatever will please You most, Mistress!” Answer me correctly next time and you too might get to be a lucky little bootlicker like the bitch-boi in this video.

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  • My New Patent Pumps

    It's that time of year again — when good sluts get to lick my high heels and naughty sluts… well, don't. Particularly good sluts get to buy me custom made black patent platform court shoes with full 7″ stiletto heels and a pair of luscious Pierre Mantoux glossy sheer-to-waist pantyhose to go with them! Can you hear the swishy sound they make when I press my silky heel into that gorgeous leather insole? Maybe you want to sniff the bottoms of my sheer nylon feet after I've worn them for a few hours and they've become a fragrantly damp. Well, you better be a good shoe slut then. The little shoe fucker in this video lives to service my footwear so I decided to reward it with some time in my “shoe box.” I even allowed it to lick and sniff my new fetish pumps… tis the holiday season after all.

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  • Nylon Coated Boot Licker

    The only thing better than wearing my custom made thigh high boots with 12″ heels is wearing them while my nylon encased collared and leashed boot-boi licks them through its sheer black hood. It did a good job lick shining them this time so I decided to allow it the privilege of cum polishing them as well. I was so amused to hear it beg and whimper to shoot its “shoe shine” all over my boot. It knows it has to lick it all up… that's really the only way to give them a proper polish job.

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  • Boot Hole

    My little boot licking bitch boy is always telling me it lives merely to lick the grime from my boot soles. It will promise just about anything to get close to the smooth Italian leather that encases my legs and sharp stiletto heels that I walk on. It was constantly begging me to keep it locked up in my shoe closet so it can lick my heels on demand. So I had another slave make a little area inside my dungeon dressing area where I can keep my bootlicker for extended periods of time. There's even a small hatch near the floor that allows me to get my boots licked clean whenever I desire without having to leave my chambers. Just open the door and snap my fingers and my human boot buff sticks out its head so it can put a nice tongue shine on my black leather boots. Once I'm satisfied, I just push it back into its boothole to wait until I need another shine.

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