Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Pantyhose Sole Slut

    Length: 14 minutes

    I just love to encase my legs in super slippery sheer shiny pantyhose. This black ultra glossy pair is simply divine when paired with my Italian crafted patent black studded six-inch sandals. Can you hear them swish as I walk in between the click-clack of my stiletto heels. Make that pathetic little cocklette stand at attention, doesn't it? Well the only attention being paid today is that of my slut's sole mop swabbing the bottom of my shoes and my hosed soles. I know grateful it is too. So much fun to make it beg for a lick, give it permission, watch my cock get and hard and drippy only to deny it any release. It's a total slave to my legs, hose and heels… just the way it should be.

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  • Slut For Hose

    This little toi-boi is such a slut for my smooth sheer pantyhose I can entertain myself endlessly teasing it with my silky feet while it remains helplessly tied up. It stays all locked up until I'm ready to play with it, of course. Then I put my full weight on that erection to let it know exactly where it belongs while I shove my nylon foot deep in its face hole. It better make my toes feel good wiggling that tongue or I'll just press down harder on my squished property! Once I've had my fun, I decide to let it fuck my hose and spew its load of slave juice all over my sheer black soles. The best part is watching it lick every bit of its mess from my feet!

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