Here is your opportunity to crawl inside my private chambers where I indulge my personal fetishes and use slave-bois for my amusement. I don’t use scripts or paid models. The slaves in my videos actually belong to me and the scenes are actually activities that I enjoy in my personal life.

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  • Shoe Fucker Cum Eater

    Watch my shoe bitch close up while it fucks my six inch stiletto heels and silky smooth fully fashioned nylons until it spurts its shoe goo on my foot. I would normally make it lap up every drop direct from my shoes, but this time I thought it might be fun to make it eat its own cum through the ring gag wedged between its teeth. I was right…. it was fun. For me, anyway.

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  • Put Away


    I love getting dressed up and going out for a fun evening. It's even better when I know there's a caged slut locked up in my dungeon quietly suffering while it waits for hours to hear the click of my heels again. Watch while I dress my bitch for bedtime in tightly laced ballet heels, shoe locks, a butt plug harness, a cock and ball harness, bondage mitts, a posture collar, an eyeless hood and a ball gag head-cage before shoving it into my cramped steel confines. I was out until the sun was just coming up, but guess what? That little slut was right where I left it when I got home!

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  • Sissy Maid Cum Hole

    My sissy bimbo Barbi is such a slut she can't even be left alone for five minutes in the same room with a dangling cock. Like I didn't know exactly what would happen? Barbi isn't very proficient at actual work like cleaning, but she looks good in a satin maid's uniform and she's so much fun to play with. So when I walk in on her gulping my slave's cock all the way down her throat I decide to bend her over the cage for a few strokes with my cane. Then I stuff a ring gag between her pretty red lips and milk my slave bitch to spurt his load in Barbi's mouth. He sprays it all over her face, of course, but the ring gag makes it easy to feed her the leftovers with my gloved fingers.

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  • Beg To Cum On My Pumps

    I've finally conditioned my shoe slut so it can only get aroused by the sight, smell and taste of my high heel footwear. It can't even get hard anymore unless my shoes are around. Needless to say it doesn't think about regular sex, it only thinks about fucking my shoes and boots! This time I let it worship my new designer platforms for a little taste of the rich black leather and shiny red sole before I allowed it to fuck them like the little high heel bitch it's become. Then I decided to stroke “my” cock and make it beg to spray its shoe shine lotion all over my pumps. I made it lick up every last drop, of course… from my shoes and the floor!

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  • High Heel Cock Squish

    I just can't get enough of my new designer platform pumps with six plus inch heels. The way they feel on my nylon encased feet is something almost indescribable. My little shoe slut loves them almost as much as I do. Its little shoe shine stick gets rock hard when my red soles walk closer to it, and even harder when I press the stiletto heel right down on its dripping engorged head. This is simply my beautiful footwear doing what it's made to do – squishing little slave sluts beneath the exquisite soles. Do you want to live under my heels?

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  • My Chauffeur Shoe Fucker

    One of the best things about being a lifestyle Domina is having personal servants ready to please my every whim. My chauffeur bitch drives where I tell it to go, opens the door for me, walks behind me, carries my bags/handbags, and kneels to kiss my heels whenever and wherever I tell it to. I instructed my slut to pick me up and drive me to the mall the other night and I brought my video camera along so you can get a taste of what service under my heels is like. You can look at my gorgeous designer pumps walking to the car, see my slave kneel in a public parking lot to worship my heels, and then lick and suck them while it's driving! I love making it kiss my shoes while it drives, so exciting! Finally I make it pull over so it can take out my cock to fuck my heels. When it launches its shoe shine cream all over the exquisite black leather I make it lick it all off before driving me to dinner.

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  • Heel Licker

    Lucky for my little shoe slut I happen to love wearing high end designer stiletto high heels. It's so much fun tormenting and controlling men with my footwear. I find it very empowering. Watch my shoe bitch moan and struggle to breath in the scent of Italian leather when my new Daffodil 6 plus inch platform heels step closer to its leather encased head. I use it like a shine rag and step on it's tongue with the tip of my heel. It's painful, I'm sure, but it says it feels so good to live under my red soles.

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  • Doggie Treat

    My puppy is so excited to see me after a few hours in his cage. I love the way his tail wags when he sees and sniffs me. He's been such a good boy today I decide to reward him with a nice doggie treat — I let him fuck my sissy slut sex doll, Barbi. Barbi is such a whore she begs for my boy's doggie cock in her pussy. Watch while puppy barks, Barbi moans and I laugh. This could be the most fun I've had in a long time. It gets even better when I let my doggie spurt his load all over my sissy doll's face. Barbi seems to love puppy cum since she starts licking it off her fingers and his cock!

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  • Barbi Cums

    Length: 6 minutes

    After Candi got to spurt her slut juice all over the bed, I decided to let my Barbi doll cum too… all over Candi's face! Not before I make Candi continue to suck Barbi while I fuck her again with my big black strap-on. I don't really care that she already came and may not be “in the mood” anymore. Actually it's even better since it teaches sissy bitches that it's not about their pleasure, it's about mine.

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  • Candi Cums

    Length: 5 minutes

    I do so enjoy playing with my sissy slut dolls. Barbi and Candi are always amusing to toy with and watch play with each other. They really are total cock craving fuck hole cum-dumps… I mean really (not just on video!). I make Candi suck my Barbi doll for a while and then I strap up to fuck Candi's ass-pussy so she's got a cock in both holes. Once I've had enough, I instruct Barbi to milk Candi from behind while I finger her gaping sex pot. The slut gets so hot and bothered she can't control herself — she sprays her warm load all over Barbi's bedspread without permission! Barbi is such a cum whore now she immediately coats her fingers in Candi's cum so she can suck it off. Then I feed the slut a little more sissy goop with the same gloved finger I stuffed up Candi's fuck hole.

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